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Heather offers workshops and lectures for all ages and abilities.  Her classes are designed to teach various quilting and design techniques while challenging the participants to explore their subject and learn something about themselves at the same time. These classes can be modified to meet the needs of any age group or level of experience and can be a one time lecture, several week course, or anything in between.

Click here to see sample work from Heather’s students.

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“HaMakom Hazeh: This Place” by Laura Shoshana Bellows

“HaMakom Hazeh: This Place,” by Laura Shoshana Bellows

Heather’s most popular classes are listed below

Translating Text into Textile

Discover a new way of looking at texts and learn how to express yourself in fabric. Using text and speech as inspiration, students design and create their own fiber art while learning different sewing and quilting methods. In this way, we find the power of turning words into a physical creation which speaks to others. No sewing or quilting experience is necessary.

This class is for individuals, students, or groups. Nursery school classes, religious schools, and adults have created art that is on display in their synagogues.

Midrash Tallitot

Midrash TallitStudents and their parents create a tallit inspired by the Torah portion for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a favorite text.

Cloth Chronicles

Release your inner artist while exploring the exciting world of textile art. Learn quilting, sewing, and embellishment techniques and create a one-of-a-kind art quilt expressing your personal interpretation of a significant place, event, or life journey. No sewing or quilting experience is necessary.

Turning the Prayer of Your Heart into Art

JOFA Conference 2010

A grandmother-granddaughter team work together on their fiber art piece

Using a specific prayer or transformative experience as inspiration, design and create your own piece of fiber art. Discover the power art has to express that which words cannot fully articulate and create a piece which conveys what is deep within our souls. No sewing or quilting experience is necessary!

3-Dimensional Art Quilt Elements

Learn how to bring your quilts into the next dimension. In this class, you will learn techniques for creating 3-dimensional embellishments, quilts, and fiber art sculpture. All techniques can be adapted to your personal style and needs.