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When Can I Have a Hug?

Prajna is both a doctor and a mother. At the beginning of the pandemic, she went to a hospital in the Bronx each day to help the growing number of COVID patients.

At night, she would come home emotionally and physically exhausted, unable to get the images of the day out of her mind. She would immediately shower and change her clothes, but still worried about the germs that she may be carrying so she separated herself from her family, refusing her children’s hugs and keeping the stories of the day to herself.

In this piece, she stands in a bubble separated from her children, trying to block them from the COVID which tries to push past her. The background fabric represents the anxiety and fear that electrified the atmosphere in those early months of the pandemic.

To see the piece about her strength to return to work each day, click here.

30″ x 30″