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Shema KoleinuThree times a day, Jews ask God to Shema Koleinu (hear our voice). We plead with God to accept our prayer and not turn us away. Every day, as I recite these words, I know that God is listening and that, even through all of the chaos and walls that I have built up to protect myself, God is able to hear my deepest and most pure prayers.

This quilt depicts the darkness, chaos, and seeming pointlessness of every day life. Although the hectic threads of daily routine hold things together, they can only do so much and the parts which should remain hidden spill out into the border exposed and vulnerable. Yet through all this turmoil, the simple words of prayer come through pure and unharmed, reaching straight to God and calling God’s light down into the chaos, comforting us with the knowledge that our prayers will be answered.

The Journal Quilt Project has given me the freedom to look inside and find a creative way to express my innermost thoughts, fears, and beliefs. My journal quilts have tracked my journey from despair to joy and have opened doors both inside myself and in the outside world. While I know that there is still a long road ahead, this project has opened my eyes to the path I need to follow. This quilt is a cry in the darkness, but it is also secure in the knowledge that the cry is heard and will be answered.

17″ x 22″