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KimKim didn’t share too much of her story, but she came to NY to escape an abusive relationship. She said she was “tired of fighting for her home and her safety.” Her journey to New York (and in the shelter system) is one of healing. Although she is still struggling to start a new life, she is working as a host for a restaurant and hopes to finish her degree and find a new beginning in this new city.

To show her journey, the piece features a distressed looking black fabric with rough holes that allow the red fabric behind to show through. As the piece moves from left to right, the holes get smaller and less frequent as she heals. The quilting pattern also reflects this move from chaos to order. The free motion machine quilting transitions from harsh random lines to a grid pattern as the piece moves from the left to the right.

This is an inside panel of Temporary Shelter.
96″ x 30″