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JonahCreated to depict the client’s favorite Biblical tale, this quilt tells the story of the people of Nineveh and the dramatic turn from their evil ways. The dark purples and blues on the left represent God’s anger and the storm. The tail is that of the great fish sent by God in His anger, to bring Jonah back to the correct path.

The yellow and orange represent the spark of goodness (and of God) that lies inside each person although it is sometimes obscured by layers of evil deeds, represented by the black tulle. As the people repent of their evil ways, fasting and praying, tearing away the layers of evil, this inherent goodness becomes more and more visible. The progression in color from orange in the bottom right corner to purple in the upper left corner is reminiscent of the rainbow after the flood; a reminder that life is not to be destroyed.

The border fabric unites the story of Jonah with the time of year during which it is publicly read. During the autumn, when the leaves are falling and change is all around us, we enter the season of repentance. On Yom Kippur, the holiest autumn day, we read about the people of Nineveh and we strive to follow their example. We, too, review our evil ways, fasting and praying that the spark of goodness will shine through, showing God that we are worth remembering.

32″ x 36″