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Eric was a manager in a hotel when the economy tanked and he was laid off. Unable to find a new job after months and months of walking the streets with resume in hand, he could no longer afford rent. One day, he left his apartment, closed the door behind him, and never returned. Eric got on a NYC bus and rode it until he knew it was time to try one of the city’s drop-in centers. This eventually led to a spot in one of the faith-based shelters located in a NY synagogue. During this time, he continued to carry a NY Times everywhere and spent his days in the public library to avoid the depressing drop-in center.

Things continued to spiral out of control when he learned that he had cancer. Yet, Eric’s optimism and thankfulness shine through. He is grateful for the help he has received from the organizers of the synagogue shelter and is now cancer free. He hopes to receive housing and a new job soon. While he still has a rough road ahead, he knows that he is not alone in his journey.

This piece is an inside panel of Temporary Shelter.
96″ x 30″