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Heather creates custom chuppot designed to enhance your wedding day. She will work with you to make sure that the chuppah reflects your personalities and tells the story of your special day. The chuppah can then be used as a wall hanging so you always remember your special day!
Contact Heather for more information or to get started.

Mountain ChuppahRibbon Chuppah

The cuppah above on the left was created for a couple who met at the University of Colorado Boulder Campus. They wanted to bring the beauty and memories of that campus to their wedding day with this chuppah depicting the campus.

Heather designed and created the chuppah on the right above for her own wedding. Using sheer fabrics and fabric paint, she created a piece that represents how their lives were merging together on this important day.

Flower Chuppah Garden Chuppah
The flower chuppah shown on the left above was created for a rabbi who was getting married in her synagogue. Since the chuppah would remain in the synagogue for future weddings, she wanted to be sure the design would integrate well with both the sanctuary and other couples’ needs.

The garden chuppah was designed and created for an avid gardener and emphasized the orange and green wedding colors they had selected. The birds in the upper left corner reference a personal story the couple wanted to reflect on for their wedding day.

All of Heather’s chuppot are designed closely with the wedding couples so they reflect the couples’ unique stories. They can also be hung on the wall after the wedding as a piece of art that will always remind you of your special day.

Contact Heather for more information or to get started on the design for your chuppah!