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Light to DarknessFollowing the recent presidential election with its hateful language and outpouring of intolerance, I felt like I needed to create a piece of art to process all of my feelings about it. My first instinct was to create a piece about my urge to huddle in a corner while the darkness closed in.

But all the posts in my Facebook feed were from friends encouraging everyone to act, to protest, make calls, to be a force for good in the world. Then I saw a call for art for the Nasty Women Art Exhibit and I knew I wanted to be among the many nasty women putting their art forward in solidarity. The idea for the piece then transformed into a woman facing the darkness, trying to bring light to the world. I will do my best to be among those bringing light to this dark world.

To learn more about this piece and how it was made, visit my blog.

This piece was sold at the Nasty Women Art Exhibit where 100% of the sale went to Planned Parenthood.