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Land Of The Free?

Land of the Free?

I have been staring at the computer screen for a long time, not knowing where to begin. In fact, I’ve been avoiding this post for months. I finished this piece, “Land of the Free?” back in February and didn’t have the words to express what I was thinking and feeling when I created it. I still don’t.

But in the last few weeks, there have been countless articles about children dying at the border, the horrific conditions in detention centers, and children put in charge of other children they don’t know. And while I don’t know what to say, I cannot stay silent either.

The images are hard to look at and the articles are hard to read, but we cannot look away. We cannot avoid what is happening in our country. We must act.

Friend and fellow artist Noreen Dean Dresser created postcards from my “Land of the Free?” art piece and we have some left. If you would like one or more to write to your local, state, and/or national representatives, let me know.

And below is a list of links with ways you can help and organizations working to help immigrants. We have to help put a stop to this and make sure the United States is once again the Land of the Free.

NY Times list of ways to help
Kids in Need of Defense
Women’s Refugee Commission
Justice in Motion
Immigrant Families Together
Lawyers for Good Government
Al Otro
Border Groups
Together Rising

Land of the Free?

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