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Creating Kindness Through Art

Creating Kindness through Art

Yesterday, I worked with third grade families at Jewish Community Center of Harrison. The community’s theme for the year is kindness, so we read several texts about kindness and the families discussed the texts as well as personal experiences as the recipients and givers of kindness. Each family then made art about something from their conversations.


The resulting art, placed in a frame, is a meaningful reminder of the power of kindness. The piece on the left below shows how a kind action can help someone calm down when they’re feeling sad or angry. The quote they chose to place beneath the artwork is “Kindness is compassion and love in perfect harmony.” The piece in the center below was inspired by a friend’s kind actions which made starting a new school much easier. They wrote “kindness is giving hope to those who believe they are all alone in this world” as a reminder below the art. And the piece on the right below says “kindness is igniting a light in someone else for no other reason than to watch them enjoy the glow.”


The young man on the left below decided to create a piece that shows how kindness can change a dark day into a bright sunny one. The detail in the center shows the text “kindness is like watching the sun begin to shine through the clouds after a rainy day.” And the piece on the right below is a reminder that we should be kind wherever we are. The image is of kids on a playground helping each other.


The piece on the left below says “Kindness is caring and sharing. Kindness is respect. Kindness is generous and thoughtful. Kindness is spreading sunshine.” The piece on the right below says “If you see someone coming to your house, give them food and water” and it shows one person offering fruit to someone else.


As we placed the finished pieces in frames, one student said “I love it! Can we hang it in my room?” I love that they’re proud of their artwork and that these collaborative pieces will serve as reminders to the families how much of a difference a little kindness can make in someone’s life.


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