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Little League Silhouette

Little League Silhouette

I’ve been having fun creating pieces that give a snapshot from my life with my kids. The latest piece was created from a photo of my daughter practicing for her little league game. Starting with a photo, I printed it out and traced the silhouette. Then, I put Steam-a-Seam 2 on the back of purple batik fabric, pinned the silhouette to the fabric, and cut it out.


Next, I placed the figure on two different green fabrics to decide which worked best for the background and cut out a yellow baseball bat.

In order to decide how to quilt the piece, I took a picture of the silhouette on the green background and printed four small pictures on one page. Then I could use a pencil on the photos to experiment with different quilting options. I chose the diagonal grid for the grass in the center photo below and the two puffy clouds from the one on the right.

I wanted the lines in the grass to have the right perspective so I placed two dot on the floor as the vanishing points and used them with a ruler to chalk the lines. Then I was able to quilt in green thread on the chalk lines.

The clouds were quilted with clear thread and then the silhouette was placed on the background and ironed in place.

In order to make sure the figure was secure, I went around her with a buttonhole stitch. Once the stitching was done, I carefully trimmed the edges.

With the quilt complete, I stapled it to a stretched canvas, added a hanging wire, and hung it in my daughter’s room.


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