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Bringing Spring With Art

Bringing Spring with Art

A couple weeks ago, I visited my daughter’s preschool class to help them turn their lessons about spring into fabric art. At that point, it certainly didn’t feel like spring, but they used their imaginations and did such a fabulous job, I think they made spring appear!

The students worked in four groups and each group had one section of an outside scene: sky, soil, and two pieces of grass. They then used pre-cut shapes with Steam-a-Seam 2 on the back to create flowers, birds, butterflies, and other things we see in the spring.

The group working on the soil added some black dots to their ladybugs with black markers. One student created a seedling with an aphid on it and another student added a ladybug to eat the aphid and save the seedling. They’re definitely paying attention when their teachers are talking!


Once the students were happy with their work, I took it home to sew all their work in place.


The four pieces were then arranged and sewn together. I pinned up two different yellow fabrics as possible borders and the bright yellow made their work pop better. It’s hard to even see the pale yellow in the photo!

Once the border was in place, I added a backing and hanging sleeve and brought it back to the classroom. They made room for it on their wall where it clearly made spring finally appear inside and out!

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