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Mock Wedding Chuppah

Mock Wedding Chuppah

Each year, the fourth graders at Kol Ami learn about the Chassidic movement and hold a mock wedding at the end of the unit. Last year, I worked with the students to make a chuppah for their wedding. This year, the students worked to create a back panel that will hang from their chuppah. They worked in groups of two or three to discuss what they had learned about Chassidim and then created art pieces about one element of their studies.


Once the students had finished their work, I took the pieces home to secure their work with stitching and sew them together into a piece that can be hung from the chuppah frame.


Some of the groups decided to give me a challenge and modified the size of their background squares. One group cut their piece smaller in both height and width, so I stitched their piece to a new background square to give it a border and make it the same size as all the other pieces. Two groups had created elements all the way to the edge so I didn’t have space to create a seam and one group cut one edge off making it more narrow than most blocks.


For those pieces, I cut a large strip of fabric and stitched the art down so no elements were lost from the pieces that went to the edge. The smaller piece helped make the strip the right size since we weren’t losing the seam allowances from the other pieces. Once those pieces were together in a strip, I arranged the other pieces and stitched everything together.


Next, it was time to sample border fabrics (below left). I chose the lighter blue and made the borders and hanging straps. Now it’s ready to enhance their mock wedding!

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