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Limmud NY Translates Text Into Textile

Limmud NY Translates Text into Textile

Earlier this month, our family went to Princeton NJ for an amazing weekend at Limmud NY. While my kids attended the fabulous Camp Ramah and Geoff taught about science and religion, I taught a couple fiber art workshops. Participants were encouraged to create fiber art inspired by a favorite text or social justice issue close to their hearts.

01 Text into Textile 02 Text into Textile

04 Text into Textile 05 Social Justice 03 Text into Textile

Everyone jumped right in and made wonderful pieces. Below, from left to right are pieces inspired by “mah gadlu ma’asecha ya – how wonderful are your creations”, “b’yado afkid ruchi – in Your hands, I put my soul”, and “ufros aleinu sukat shelomecha – spread over us the shelter of Your peace.”

07 Mah gadlu 06 B'yado afkid ruchi 10 Ufros aleinu sucat shalom

The two pieces below were inspired by the same text – “m’chadesh b’chol yom tamid maasei bereshit—the One who makes new every day the work of Creation.” I love when two people start with the same text and create such different interpretations.

09 M'chadesh b'chol yom tamid 08 M'chadesh b'chol yom tamid

Somehow, I forgot to get pictures of the finished pieces inspired by social justice issues, but I was amazed by the thought and emotions that went into their work. I hope we’re able to return to Limmud NY in future years!



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