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Torah Art By Sixth Graders

Torah Art by Sixth Graders

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to return to Beth El Synagogue Center to work with the sixth graders and their families. They studied the Torah portions for their upcoming Bnai Mitzvah and then created a piece of fabric art that will cover the Torah on the day of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

06 Working 02 Working 04 Working  07 Working 13 Working 01 Working

Below are some of the finished pieces. From left to right, they represent: (1) Moses standing on a mountain looking at the land of Israel, (2) the binding of Isaac, (3) Jacob and Esau reuniting, and (4) the search for water in the desert.

16 Torah Cover 12 Binding of Isaac 09 Torah Cover 08 Torah Cover

Below are (1) the giving of the ten commandments, (2) the counting of the Israelites, (3) the curses and blessings, and (4) the giving of laws.

10 Torah Cover 11 Bamidbar 15 Blessings and Curses 18 Torah Cover

These families all worked hard on their interpretations and I hope they use them proudly in the coming year!

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