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Preschool Creation

Preschool Creation

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with the incredible three- and four-year-olds at Westchester Day School. Since Simchat Torah had just passed, they were learning about Bereshit and the days of Creation. The students started by drawing a picture about their assigned day.

04 Crayons 01 Crayons

Then they worked in groups to make fiber art pieces about the days of creation.

03 Day 1 05 Day 2  07 Day 3 08 Day 4

09 Day 5 13 Day 7

Once the students had finished their work, I took the pieces home to sew them all together into a large wall hanging. First, I ironed their work and then stitched it in place to make sure it was secure. Then, I added a sashing, border, and hanging sleeve.

14 7 Days 15 sashing

19 border 20 backing

I finished the piece and delivered it to the school last week. Soon, it will be hanging near the classrooms where the students can see their work every day!

21 finished

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