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Sacred Threads Exhibition

Sacred Threads Exhibition

This past weekend, I had the privilege to attend the Meet the Artists weekend at Sacred Threads Exhibition in Herndon, VA. This is the last week of the show and, if you can get there to see it, I highly recommend it! This art exhibition shows art quilts that tell a story in one of the following categories: Joy, Inspiration, Spirituality, Healing, Grief, and Peace & Brotherhood.

It is an emotional rollercoaster to walk through the exhibit. Each artist opened her/his heart and soul in the creation of their art and it shows in the piece as well as the written and audio descriptions. My piece, Dark Days: Where Does it End? about school shootings is hanging in the grief section and it is surrounded by heartbreaking stories of love and loss.

Below are some of the pieces that caught my eye the first time I walked through the exhibit: One Hundred Months of Trying – A Trying Hundred Months by Elizabeth Ferry Pekins (below left), Moving On by Maggie Ward (below center) and Help Everyone Dance by Madelyn Bell (below right).

Pekins WardMovingOn MadelynBell

I came to a complete stop in front of Forget Me Not by Gerrie Lynn Thompson. The exquisite quilting stitches and beautifully woven figure brought me in close then forced me to step back and look again from a distance. This piece is about her feelings of increasing invisibility as she gets older and her refusal to fade away.

THompson THompsonDetail1 THompsonDetail2

Another piece with intricate quilting is Birdsong VII: Forget Me Not by Sonia Grasvik.

Grasvik GrasvikDetail

Jill Kerttula’s Bud to Bloom was another piece that made me stop and stare for several minutes. This piece is about the inspiration she gets from her adult child who went through gender transition.

BudtoBloomJillKerttula JillKerttuladetail

Christine Hager-Braun‘s Wall of Depression is a striking reminder that so many in our lives struggle with depression. I love the dimensionality in this piece with the 3-D bricks and fabric elements.

Hager-Braun Hager-BraunDetail Hager-BraunDetail2

And, to leave you on a joyous note, is Tickling the Ivories by Gwyned Trefethen. I absolutely love the ribbons of thread that she created masterfully out of thread.

Trefethen TrefethenDetail

I am so thankful that I had the chance to be a part of this fabulous exhibit and the opportunity to share stories with so many wonderful artists. Thank you Sacred Threads for bringing the artists together in such a thoughtful and meaningful way!

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