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6th Graders Make Tallitot

6th Graders Make Tallitot

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to work with sixth graders at Solomon Schechter School in Westchester. They had the choice of using their Bar/Bat Mitzvah portion as inspiration or a text from Tanakh they had chosen earlier in the year as their personal revelation text. Usually, I ask the students to answer several questions to bring them from their inspiration text to a design but this group came prepared and most of them wanted to get right to work on their tallitot! They spread out on the floor and got to work.

02 Tallit Making 03 Tallit Making

All of the students worked hard, focused on their designs until it was time to pack up!

01 Tallit Blessing 08 Tallit Making 11 Tallit Making

07 Tallit Making 06 Tallit Making  10 Tallit Making

At the end of the workshop, they had tallitot they were proud of and they were excited to start tying the tzitzit in their classes the following week.

12 Tallit Done 13 Tallit Finished

14 Tallit Finished 09 Tallit Making

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