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Quilting Bubbles

Quilting Bubbles

Our one-and-a-half-year-old loves bubbles more than anything else. He can stand outside blowing bubbles for hours and if we suggest changing activities or stopping for lunch, his response is always “more more bubbles!” I wanted to capture this love in a quilt.

I found a beautiful blue fabric with circles that reminded me of bubbles and used Warm and Natural batting and a muslin backing to layer the quilt. Next, I selected a variegated thread with blue and purple that worked well on the fabric and started quilting circles.

02 Layer 03 Thread

I had fun quilting circles and circles and more circles. Then, with just a few inches left to quilt and a few minutes left before I had to pick up the kids, the thread decided to revolt. The top thread got pulled into the bobbin and bunched in the back. So out came the seam ripper and I tried again … only to have it bunch up again. I took a deep breath and decided to give it one more try before giving up for the day. I ripped out the ugly part, re-threaded the machine’s top thread and bobbin, and tried again. The thread behaved, but the backing fabric folded over and got stuck in to the back. Oops. I guess the universe was telling me it was time for a break.

01 Quilting Circles 05 Thread Bunching 06 Fabric Folded Oops

During my next studio day, with the circles completed, it was time to make the silhouette from a photo of my son. I chose a solid orange fabric that would pop well on the blue background. With matching orange thread and a buttonhole stitch, I carefully sewed the figure in place.

07 Quilted Circles 08 Silhouette 10 Sewing Silhouette

It was cute, but it needed something else, so I found some sheer blue fabric and created a few bubbles. Once I was happy with their placement, I used clear thread and a buttonhole stitch to sew them in place.

11 Place Bubbles 12 Stitch Bubbles

Next, it was time to trim the piece and attach it to a stretched canvas with the staple gun. I screwed hooks into the canvas and added a wire to hang the piece and it was done!

15 Trim 16 Canvas 17 Picture Wire

The completed piece is a fun tribute to our son’s love of bubbles.

More More Bubbles

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