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6th Grade Families Turn Torah Into Art

6th Grade Families Turn Torah into Art

Over the last couple months, I worked with the sixth grade families at two different synagogues to help them create Torah covers inspired by their Bnai Mitzvah portions. These fabric art pieces will cover the Torah during their Bnai Mitzvah when the Torah is out on the reading table but not being read, like when the rabbi is speaking or giving a blessing. The first step to creating a meaningful piece of art is to really understand the Torah portion so the families dug in and discussed the text together.

01 Studying 02 Studying

Once they had an idea of what their Torah portions were like and what they wanted their Torah cover to say, they started creating their fabric art pieces.

08 Fabric Art 05 Fabric Art

06 Fabric Art 07 Fabric Art 11 Fabric Art 12 Fabric Art09 Fabric Art 10 Fabric Art

And two short hours later, they had completed Torah covers that they can use on their special day!

21 Torah Cover 14 Torah Cover 17 Torah Cover 18 Torah Cover

15 Torah Cover 14 Torah Cover 16 Torah Cover

19 Torah Cover 20 Torah Cover 13 Torah Cover

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