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Pre-K Art For A Torah Cover

Pre-K Art for a Torah Cover

Earlier this week, I visited the Pre-K class at Kol Ami’s Early Childhood Program. The students have been learning about Jerusalem, so we used that as the inspiration for our art. First, we started our design work with crayons on paper and they drew pictures of Jerusalem’s gates, hills, and Kotel (Western Wall).

01 Drawing 02 Drawing

Next, it was time to move to fabric. Since their work would be used for a Torah cover, we needed to make sure all the elements of Jerusalem were represented on the finished piece. Each student chose one element from their drawing to create in fabric. They cut their designs from fabric with fusible webbing attached and then stuck their creations to paper.

03 Jerusalem Hills 04 Jerusalem Gate

06 Hills and Kotel 08 Person05 Israel Flag 07 House

Once they were happy with their fabric creations, I took their work home and started arranging it on a heavy fabric that will become a Torah cover for the Torah used for Tot Shabbat at the synagogue. First, I used a chalk liner to outline the section of the fabric that would become the front of the Torah cover. This would be the part seen clearly from the front. Anything outside this box will wrap around to the back of the cover. I then started moving their work from paper to the fabric, arranging their work into a scene that tells a story about Jerusalem.

10 TC Outline 11 Staring Layout

I moved the pieces around until I was happy with the arrangement and then ironed it in place.

12 Layout1 13 Layout2

Next, I’ll sew all the pieces in place and start forming the Torah cover!

09 Torah Cover Layout

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