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Families Explore Jewish Values Through Art

Families explore Jewish Values through Art

10 Text Study

On Sunday, kindergarten and first grade families at Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester created art about the Jewish values that the students are discussing in school.

Each group was assigned one of eight Jewish values and they started with a short text study to spark a discussion about the value and why it is important. Values included welcoming guests, gratitude, being slow to anger, and being happy with what you have.


The families then decided how they wanted to show their values in art and got started on their art pieces.

08 Creating Art 03 Creating Art

01 Text study 07 Creating Art

02 Art Creation 04 Creating Art

It was encouraging and heartwarming to see these young students and their families making art about the values that guide their lives. Below are some samples of their work. From left to right, the pieces represent honesty, gratitude, being happy with what we have, and being slow to anger.

16 Truth 14 Gratitude 15 Happy 13 Slow Anger

When the families were happy with their creations, I took them home to iron and sew their work in place. Next, I will turn their art into wall hangings that will be displayed in the synagogue hallway so the students see their work as they walk to and from their classes. Stay tuned to see the finished work!

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