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Nasty Women Art Exhibition

Nasty Women Art Exhibition

This past weekend, I was proud to be one of 623 artists whose work was part of the Nasty Women Exhibition in Queens, NY. My piece Bringing Light to the Darkness, along with the other artists’ work, was displayed on three dimensional 12-foot-tall letters that spelled out the phrase NASTY WOMEN.

08 Nasty Art 04 Nasty Women Exhibit

02 Bringing Light to the DarknessArt covered both sides of the letters, 3-D were on shelves in the M of “women” and video art was on the T of “nasty.” At the end of opening night on Thursday, 2,240 people saw the show and 444 pieces sold, bringing in almost $35,000 in donations for Planned Parenthood.

By the end of the show on Sunday, 4,600 people attended and the exhibit was completely sold out raising just over $42,000 for Planned Parenthood. The Knockdown Center’s programming “Stay Nasty” also raised over $8,000 for smaller non-profits benefiting women’s rights, bringing the grand total to over $50,000.


05 Feminine Vessel Sumi Casey

Vessel by Sumi Casey

09 Jane Crawford Desmoiselles

Art by Jane Crawford








10 Lady Kitt

Art by Lady Kitt

03 Nasty Women Art


To read more about the exhibit, visit The GuardianVICE NEWSHyperallergicKonbini, and ARTFUSE.

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