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Creating Creation

Creating Creation

Last week, the pre-schoolers at Kol Ami in White Plains worked together to make seven fabric art pieces about the days of Creation. Each of the classes of 3’s and 4’s made a piece about one day of Creation.

day4-01In each class, we talked about the Creation story and what was special about the day their class was going to make. They then started the design process by drawing what they thought that day might look like using paper and crayons. Once each student was done drawing and sharing their ideas with the class, they worked together to make their representation of the day in fabric.

For the 3’s, I prepared pre-cut fabric shapes with fusible webbing on the back which essentially turned the fabric into fabric stickers. The students placed the fabric shapes on a background to make their art piece about their day of Creation. The first group of 3’s made Day 1: Light and Dark.
day1-05 day1-02

The second group of 3’s made Day 2: Separation of the Water and Sky
day2-02  day2-01

And the last group of 3’s made Day 4: Creation of the Sun, Moon and Stars:
day4-03 day4-02

The four classes of 4’s were given some pre-cut shapes as well as larger pieces of fabric with fusible webbing that they could cut into the shapes they wanted in order to create the more complex days. In the 4’s classes, each student chose an element from their drawing to make in fabric for the group piece. They first made their item out of fabric on a sheet of paper and then transferred it to the larger group art piece when it was ready.

One group of 4’s made Day 3: Sea and Land and Plants, Trees, and Flowers
day3-03 day3-04 day3-05

Another 4’s class did Day 5: Fish and Birds
day5-01 day5-02 day5-04

The next group made Day 6: Animals and People
day6-01 day6-03 day6-02

And the last class made Shabbat
day7-01 day7-02

When the students were done, I took their art home to iron and sew their work in place. I will then finish the pieces with backing and a sleeve so they can be hung and displayed in the school. Stay tuned to see their finished art work!


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