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Custom Fabric For Tallit

Custom Fabric for Tallit

Last month, I received a message from a woman looking for a custom tallit. Our conversations started the same way they do with all my clients. She explained the colors and patterns she was looking for (blue paisley) and I went off looking for the perfect fabrics. This time, however, none of the fabrics I found were quite right. Either the fabrics were too heavy for a tallit or they were the wrong color. Nothing I could find was exactly what she wanted.
So we decided to get creative. We found a paisley print that she liked and got permission to print it onto fabric for her tallit (below left). I then scaled it to the size she wanted and sent it off to to have it printed onto organic cotton sateen fabric. The result was a beautiful print that didn’t require any compromise (below right).

paisley pattern paisley fabric

Once we had the fabric, we decided on a solid navy with gold paint for the atarah and she selected a quote from Psalm 136.

atarah fabric choices atarah sewing printed tallit

I’m really excited about this new way to provide the exact fabrics my clients request and can’t wait to see what other fabrics I get to design and print in the future! Looking for your perfect tallit? Contact me at

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