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Studio Clean Up: A Two Year Project

Studio Clean Up: A Two Year Project

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have a history of a messy studio getting in the way of my work. You may also remember that we moved to a new house two years ago and, with two little kids and limited studio time, the studio was never fully unpacked. Since I don’t get much time for my art, I generally choose to work around the boxes when I find a little time to work in the studio. In April, I had a private workshop which gave me a deadline and the push I needed to finally clean up that disaster area. Below are photos of the studio from before we moved in, through the worst of the mess, and finally a nice clean work space!
When we first bought the house, there were ugly tiles on the floor, wood paneling, and a fluorescent light flickering overhead.


So we put down laminate floors, painted the walls, and put in track lighting.


Then came all the boxes!


I put the furniture in place, started unpacking, and put up the design wall.


Then there was all the other stuff. Since I wasn’t positive where everything should go, it ended up staying in the middle of the floor.


There was so much stuff and so little time! It was just easier to work around it.


And then, two years later, I HAD to clean it so I could host the private workshop. It’s not completely set up, but it feels like I can finally breathe in there. Now that I have a space I can be in without feeling so anxious and I’m making more time for my art, hopefully the creativity can flow!


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