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Bringing Values To Art

Bringing Values to Art

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Last week, I had the privilege of working with Zieva Konvisser and her granddaughters for a private workshop. We started by talking about possible points of inspiration for their fiber art piece and they decided to work on a piece about their values. A quick brainstorming session led to several values that were important to them: friends, family, world peace, earth, education, Judaism, justice, knowledge, questioning, and protecting nature. They consolidated the list to peace/justice, family and friends, protecting the planet, education and questioning, and Judaism/Israel.
From there, they started sketching possible ways to depict each of these. Their first idea was to start with a picture of Earth with a peace sign over it and then find ways to include the other values within the sections of the planet. They then thought about separating the values and decided that worked better. A peace sign would represent world peace and justice. A heart with a family photo would represent family and friends. The Earth would depict environmentalism. An open book with a questioning person would show the importance of knowledge and asking questions. And the Israeli flag would show the importance of Israel and Judaism.
Values Piece Completed

They then thoughtfully selected fabrics for each element, making sure that the color and design of the fabrics conveyed the right meaning and feeling. The girls did the sketching and fabric selection while their grandmother carefully cut out each piece and they worked together to place everything on a light purple background. A family photo was printed on fabric and placed in the center heart as a final touch and everything was ironed in place.
I had a fabulous time working with this thoughtful and talented family! I also selfishly thank them for giving me an excuse to finally clean up my studio (more about that in a future post).

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