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Remembering Sandy Hook

Remembering Sandy Hook

About a year ago, I started sketching a piece to commemorate the second anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Of course, between work and a one year old at home, it didn’t make it to fabric in time. Once I missed the deadline, I figured I had a full year to get it done and started slowly looking for the right fabrics. Well, it’s now a year later and I’m not going to get it done for the third anniversary either. I could blame bed rest and a newborn – along with the now two year old, but at least I started working on it.
The first step was to select the background fabric. A year of searching resulted in several options, so I auditioned them two at a time on the design wall. The one on the far right below was the winner. It’s a little more yellow than I wanted, but the other options were too dull, too boring, or too pink.

Fabric Option Fabric Option Fabric Option Fabric Option Fabric Option

Now to iron the fabric. That should have been easy, but my studio turns into a storage room when I don’t use it, so I had to find the table first. I’d love to clean up the studio so I can really work in there, but with the limited time I have, I’ll just work around the piles for now…

table clutter studio clutter

Next, I located my chalk liner in all this mess and made two curved lines where I’ll be adding colored triangles from the bottom right to the top left and pulled some potential fabrics for those triangles. Below are some of the fabric options for the triangles and a detail of the chalk lines (enhanced by the computer because it was hard to see in the picture).

 fabrics for triangles

Now I need to get back into the studio to figure out how to get those triangles started. Come back soon for my progress and the story behind the design.
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