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Custom Tallitot

Custom Tallitot

Over the last several months, I had the opportunity to create three custom tallitot. Two of them were for young women who were becoming Bat Mitzvah. These thoughtful women decided what colors and fabric she wanted for her tallit and chose the text for the atarah (neck band).

blue tallit

The first found a tallit in my Etsy store that she loved, but it was smaller than she wanted it to be. I dug through my fabric stash and found the same fabric, but not enough for the size tallit she wanted, so we had to think out of the box. I sent her pictures of several fabrics that could potentially be used at the ends of the tallit to extend the main fabric and she chose a beautiful deep blue. For the atarah, she chose the last two words of the blessing one says when putting a tallit on, so I painted those words in light blue on the same darker blue fabric that we used on the ends. The main fabric was repeated in the four corners and the piece was complete!
Silk TallitThe next tallit was for a brave young woman who stood up to the adults in her life who were pressuring her to select a pink fabric and instead chose a sophisticated blue/gray crushed silk that was more to her liking. She requested a quote from the Ashrei (Psalm 145) which says “You open Your hand and satisfy every living thing [with] its desire.”
tallit bag
She also asked that the matching tallit bag feature her Hebrew name.


The last tallit was commissioned by a woman who selected a cherry blossom fabric to be given as a gift at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. To go along with this theme, she selected¬†Song of Songs 2:12 “The flowers appear on earth; the time of singing has come…” for the quote on the atarah and asked for a matching kippah.

Cherry Blossom Tallit kippah

It was a pleasure to work with these women on their custom tallitot and I look forward to creating more! If you’re interested in a custom tallit, contact me at


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