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Completing Creation

Completing Creation

In October and November, the students and parents at Temple Israel Center’s Nursery School made fiber art representations of the days of Creation. Earlier blog posts show the creation of those pieces. Once their work was complete, mine was just beginning. I took their pieces home to (1) stitch them to make sure all their fabric collage would stay in place and (2) sew the pieces together into one large wall hanging.
For the first day, I chose a clear thread and used short bursts of stitching with sharp corners to match the jagged shapes that made up the piece. A detail of the stitching is on the left below. For the second day, I used a blue variegated thread and soft curves to match the waves that made up the day when the waters were separated (detail below center).This same thread and method was repeated in the water section of day 3 while the flowers and land portion were sewn with clear thread (detail below right).

Day1 Stitching Day 2 detail Day 3 detail

For the fourth day (below left), I went back to the zig zag of day 1 with clear thread, but added some stars made of stitching to bring out the stars in the piece. The water portion of day 5 utilized the blue waves from days 2 and 3 (below center) and the birds of day 5 and animals of day 6 were secured with clear thread (below right).

Day 4 detail day 5 detail Day 6 detail

For the seventh day, I tried to follow the intent of the piece which moved from chaotic shapes to peaceful curves by starting with zig zag stitching on the left and moving to more free flowing curves on the right. The stitching is easier to see on the back of the piece, so photos of details of the back are shown below.

day 7

day 7 left day 7 middle day 7 right

Once all the pieces had been stitched, it was time to select a sashing/border fabric and sew everything together. Yellow was in most of the pieces, so that seemed like a good color to pull everything together. I added hanging tabs at the top and a clean backing to complete the wall hanging. The piece now hangs in the hallway at Temple Israel Center so the children and parents can see their wonderful work every day.

Hanging at TIC


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