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Creation Continued

Creation Continued

In my last post, I talked about the beginning of a project with the nursery school students at Temple Israel Center. Each class in the school was assigned one day of Creation to interpret in fabric art. The first week, the twos and threes created days one through four. The second week, the fours created days five and six. Just as the complexity of the days increases as Creation develops, so do the skills of the students. The two year olds simply placed pre-cut shapes randomly to show the creation of light and dark and the separation of waters. The threes were more thoughtful in their placement of shapes to show the dry land and vegetation and the sun, moon and stars. The fours were able to cut some of their own shapes and created fish, birds, animals, and people. The results were amazing!

Day 5 Day 5 Complete

Day 6 Day 6 Complete

The following week, the parents got involved. A group of mothers who study together each week were given the task of creating a Shabbat piece to complement the students’ work. We studied the text from Genesis along with a midrash about Creation and then they discussed possibilities for a design. They were a little more hesitant than the students to dig in and create an art piece, but in the end, they came up with a beautiful and thoughtful design that represents the way Shabbat brings us from the chaos of the week to a calm and quiet place.

Day 7 Day 7 Complete

Thank you to everyone who participated in the making of this art piece. It is now my task to assemble their incredible art into a final wall hanging for the school. Stay posted for photos of the progress!

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