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Nursery School Creations

Nursery School Creations

Last week, I started a project with the Nursery School students at Temple Israel Center. Having celebrated Simchat Torah and started reading the Torah from the beginning the week before, it was the perfect time to talk with the students about Creation. In each classroom, I read the students the story about God creating the world in seven days and then each class was assigned one day to interpret through fiber art.
The first class of two-year-olds made a piece about the first day when God created light and dark. We were so busy working, I forgot to take pictures of them making the art but their finished piece is shown on the right.
The second class of 2s created the second day: separating the waters above from the waters below.

Day 2 in progress Day 2

The two classes of three-year-olds were in charge of the next two days of Creation: separating land from water and creating plants and trees, and the sun, moon, and stars.

Day 3 in progress Day 3

 Day 4

My next post will show this week’s creations of days five and six made by the four-year-old class. And next week, I will work with a group of parents to create the final piece: Shabbat.


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