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Chuppah Quilting

Chuppah Quilting

In June 2012, friends got married beneath a beautiful chuppah they created themselves. In March 2013, they asked me to turn it into a wall hanging for their home and made the mistake of telling me there was no rush. With bed rest at both ends of my pregnancy, adjustment to being a mother, a baby who doesn’t nap for more than 30 minutes at a time, and a move to a new house with new studio space, it took a year and a half to finish the quilting of their chuppah. But it’s finally done!

Before  Pillowcase

Above left is the chuppah as they created it – trees of all four seasons. When I finally got into my new studio, it was the first thing to be pinned to the design wall. Once I figured out the size of the piece, it was time to cut the front, batting, and backing the same size and pillowcase the piece. It was then time for the fun part: quilting!
I started with the tree trunks and used a variegated thread to create a free motion bark-like pattern up and down all the trees and branches. It was amazing to be back in the studio and in the zone with my machine. Next I tackled the leaves. There are SO MANY LEAVES on their piece!

Tree Leaves So Many Leaves

Once all the leaves were finally done, I tackled the flowers followed by the cherries of summer. I created free motion petals in the flowers (below left) and fun cherries in the summer trees (below right).

Flowers Cherry
And the last items to quilt were the snowflakes. None like the other, I followed their lead in deciding how to quilt each one. As I got closer to the end, I also got closer to the end of my blue thread and was nervous that I would run out before completing the chuppah. It turned out there was just enough thread, though. Whew!

Thank you Benjamin and Stephanie for trusting me with your artwork. I hope you enjoy seeing it hang in your home for many years to come!

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