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Tallit Of Memories

Tallit of Memories

Those of you who follow my blog may have noticed a sharp drop off in the number of posts lately.  As you can probably guess, this is a result of the enormous amount of time it takes to be a mother and also because my studio has become the room in the house where everything goes when we don’t know where else to put it.
I was commissioned to make a special tallit for a Bat Mitzvah girl using her late grandfather’s shirts and, as the Bat Mitzvah date approached, I needed to make some space in the mess of a studio.  When I first entered the studio last week, I was met with the disaster shown on the left below so my first task was to find the table and serger (below right).

Studio Before Found Serger

Once I had a small work space, I was able to serge the four sides of the light purple fabric we decided on for the background of the tallit (below left).  Of course, I then needed the fray block and scissors which were on the other side of some boxes with my art, miscellaneous papers, a bouncing chair, a rocking bunny, and the exersaucer box.  When I had successfully made it to the supplies and back, I realized I also needed thread.  So it was back over the stuff again.

Serging Stuff in the way

Next, I unearthed my sewing machine to finish the edges of the tallit, but when I turned around to do the next step, I found that my ironing board had disappeared beneath a pile of stuff from the workshops I had done over the last few months.  So it was time to move more stuff around to find the ironing board.

Sew edges  Ironing Board

It was then time to take out the house coat that belonged to the Bat Mitzvah girl’s grandfather, which was to become the atarah for her tallit.  The atarah was cut from one of the front panels of the shirt and then sewn to the purple fabric.

house coat atarah

Atarah sewn

For the corners of the tallit, we decided to use her grandfather’s silk shirt which had his initials embroidered on the sleeve.  Those initials ended up on the front right corner of the tallit and the other corners were made from other sections of the sleeve.

Shirt Shirt Monogram Sleeve

Holes in Sleeve Tzitzit

Complete Tallit

The completed tallit (left) is a wonderful, meaningful way for her to keep her grandfather’s memory close as she becomes Bat Mitzvah and in the many years to come.

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  1. Heather, what a beautiful way to make a tallit! She will treasure it for always. Children do complicate life. Don’t worry – eventually you will get the studio in order and look back and laugh at the chaos of these years.

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