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How This Garden Grew

How This Garden Grew

It has been a bit of a challenge to work around our daughter’s schedule, but thanks to some assistance from my parents, the chuppah is coming along.  Before our little one’s arrival, I had cut out most of the herbs for the piece, but still had a handful left when she was born a few weeks early.  Once we had settled into a routine of daily visits to the NICU, I decided to make use of the several hours of down time and brought some of the herbs with us to the hospital.  When there was nothing else to do, I sat there cutting out the herbs.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly thinking clearly and it wasn’t until we were all home and I was working on the piece again that I realized I had forgotten to put the fusible webbing on the fabric I printed those last herbs on.  So, when my in-laws were visiting and holding the baby, I cut the herbs out again (oops).  Once the herbs were successfully cut out with the fusible attached, I placed them on the background, ironed them down carefully, and then sewed around each one with clear thread on the top and brown in the bobbin to make sure they stay put forever.  You can see the stitching on the back of the piece in the image on the right below.

Herbs Sewn Herb Herb back


Once the herbs were secured, I did the same with the birds, fusing them and then sewing them in place.  Next, it was time to cut the chuppah to size and baste around the whole piece to secure the edges to the muslin layer behind.  Now the top is complete and it’s time to add the backing, quilting stitches, and sleeves so it can be attached to the chuppah poles. Almost there! It will definitely be done in time for the November wedding!

Garden chuppah



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