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Chuppah Progress

Chuppah Progress

If you follow my blog, you might be wondering what has happened with the chuppah in the last 4 weeks.  I did make good progress on the piece in the week following my last post but then our daughter arrived 5 weeks early before I was able to post an update.  We’re all doing well, are back home, and I’m working on the chuppah again.  Before I post about the recent progress, I’ll give you an update on where I was pre-baby and then write another post when I have the more recent pictures.
Once the sunset was painted (where I was as of the last post), it was time to work on the rest of the background.  I cut the rolling hills out of a textured green fabric and sewed them to the sky using a button hole stitch (see below – sorry about the colors on that detail).

Hills Stitching

Next came a darker green fabric for the meadow beyond the garden which was sewn on the same way.


I was working on cutting out all the herbs and was about to add the garden to the piece when I was interrupted by our little one’s arrival, but I’m back at work on it now and will post another update soon!

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