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Painting Sunsets

Painting Sunsets

Sketch of Design

I’m excited to be creating a chuppah for a couple getting married in November.  They gave me a few pieces of information as a starting point: their wedding colors are green and a soft orange/peach, their herb garden is important to them and herbs will be featured at the wedding, crows and ravens are a family favorite, and the chuppah will be used as a wall hanging following the wedding.  Given this information, I worked up a couple sketches and they chose the image on the left.
Once the sketch was approved, it was a little up in the air whether or not I’d be able to actually make the piece since some early contractions landed me on bed rest.  At last week’s appointment, the doctor gave me the green … ok yellow light to get back into the studio, but only on the condition that I remain seated when working.  Not so easy to do!  To be honest, it’s actually impossible without some helping hands, so a huge thank you goes to my mother who offered to come help me out with some of the early steps that involve a lot of moving and standing and to my husband Geoff who is answering my pathetic calls from the studio to help with one task or another.

Ready to Paint
The first step in moving from design to fabric was to paint the sunset sky, which was today’s activity.  Of course, in order to paint, my cutting table needed to be carefully covered with plastic and the fabric had to be ironed and prepped, so thank you to my parents for helping with the setup!
Next came the mixing of the paints to get just the right shades of orange (with a hint of blueish purple to add depth).  Once I had the colors right, Geoff helped me transition from the sample fabric to the real thing and I was ready to start painting!  I will admit that it’s a little awkward to stay on the stool while painting since I’m used to standing and circling the table to get a different angle or to step back to see the progress, but I did my best to behave and eventually had the whole piece covered with a soft orange sunset.  Now it has some time to dry while I go back to my spot on the couch and the mountains will be cut when my mother comes for another visit on Wednesday.

painted sky

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