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City Charms & Sewing Stories

City Charms & Sewing Stories

Yesterday, Yona Verwer and I installed our artwork at the TriBeCa Synagogue for the Arts. The show “City Charms & Sewing Stories” will be on display through the end of November and there will be an Opening Event on Thursday, October 17 at 6:00 pm.  Click here for more information!
When we arrived yesterday afternoon, the social hall had been freshly painted and we had a blank slate for our artwork.

Blank Walls Blank Walls


Slowly, we figured out where we wanted the work placed and started hanging the work.  A big THANK YOU to my husband Geoff who helped install everything!  By the end of the evening, the room was transformed from plain white walls to an art show.
At the back of the room are my earliest art quilts, inspired by Biblical women and at the front are several pieces from my Temporary Shelter installation along with other pieces that speak about homelessness and social justice.
Social Justice Yona Verwer

Back of Room

Although the exhibition is technically two solo shows that intertwine, our work complements each other.  Both of us address issues of vulnerability in New York City and are inspired by Jewish texts.  For more information about the show and the pieces on display, visit the synagogue’s website.

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