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Torah Cover Almost Complete!

Torah Cover Almost Complete!

The Torah Cover I’ve been working on is complete (except for a label)!  Picking up the process where I left off my last post, I trimmed the edges, serged them, folded them over to the back, and hand stitched them in place.

finish edges finishing edges (back)

Once that was done, it was time to sew the beaded trim to the top and add the lining with hand stitching.

hand stitch edges beads

back of piece lining

That completed the main part of the Torah cover, so it was time to cover the top with batting and fabric and secure the wooden rings.

top batting top covered

At this point, I sent a progress report to the family and they decided that they wanted the beaded trimming added to the bottom as well as the top, so I sewed that on first by machine and then secured it by hand.  Now the top and main part were ready to be attached.  After much measuring, pinning, measuring, unpinning and repinning, I had it centered correctly on the top and started hand stitching the pieces together with a round needle.  (It always surprises me how long it takes to sew the pieces together!)

Pinned to top round needle

Once I was convinced that the two pieces were securely attached (by sewing around and around and around…), the piece was finally complete!  Below are pictures of the front (featuring a beautiful Ethiopian embroidery of Jonah) and the back (featuring a Jacob embroidery).  Now all I need is the final wording for the label and it will be ready for the family’s celebration!

Front Complete Back Complete


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