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Torah Cover Beginnings

Torah Cover Beginnings

I’m excited to be creating a Torah cover for a family whose son is becoming Bar Mitzvah in October.  They have been paired with an Ethiopian family and, during a visit to Israel, they purchased a few beautiful Ethiopian embroideries which will be the focus of the Torah cover.  The two embroideries selected for the cover fittingly depict their son’s Biblical namesakes Jonah and Jacob.  The image of Jonah will appear on the front of the cover and Jacob will be on the back.
To start the process, I took several measurements of both the embroideries and the Torah and then created a sketch of the piece unfurled (before it is wrapped around the Torah).  Sadly, my old version of AutoCAD doesn’t work with my new computer, so I had to go with the basic pencil and paper model.  I then figured out exactly how big each piece should be cut to allow for seam allowances (and extra fabric on the top, bottom and sides for finishing).  Once the pieces were cut, I serged the edges to prevent fraying over time and labeled each piece with chalk on the back.  The labels also helped me keep the fabric pieces going in the right direction so the nap of the fabric is consistent in the final piece.

Layout Serged Pieces

Since the two embroideries are different sizes and I didn’t want to crop them, this had to be accounted for in the direction and sizes of the pieces.  Next, it was time to start sewing, starting with pieces A and B on the top and bottom of the embroideries.

Jonah Jacob

Once those were together, the vertical pieces C, D, and E could be sewn on to create the outside of the cover.

Top Sewn

Next, I will trim the piece to the exact size needed and serge around the edges before finishing the top, adding lining, and transforming it into a Torah cover.  Stay tuned for more pictures as the piece comes together!

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