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Jacob’s Journey Comes To And End

Jacob’s Journey Comes to and End

A couple weeks ago, the students in Kol Ami’s Early Childhood Program completed the fiber art piece we had been working on.  This five week project came to a close with one last session to add finishing touches to the piece.  The students first looked at the piece to see what was missing.  We found that Rachel needed arms, Jacob needed feet, some of the animals were missing heads or limbs, and two of the children were missing from the third panel.  So the students each chose one or two elements to complete.

Flowers Missing Pieces

Next, they decided that Jacob’s ladder and the scene of Jacob wrestling with the angel took place at night and therefore needed stars in the sky.  And in the scene of Jacob, Rachel, Leah, and their children, they added flowers and a chuppah around the parents to set them apart and tell the story of their wedding.

Stars Embellished

When they were done, I took it home to secure the last pieces and to add a backing and hanging tabs.  Now the piece tells the full story of Jacob’s Journey from his dream of angels on the ladder to his name change to Israel.  In the coming weeks, the piece will be hung in the hallway of Kol Ami where students, parents, teachers, and congregants can appreciate all their hard work!

Jacob's Journey


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