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Workshop Prep

Workshop Prep

MessWith six workshops coming up in the next three weeks, there has been much preparation needed.  I ran out of pre-cut background squares and bags of sorted fabric scraps after my last set of workshops, so it was time to start over.  This, of course starts by dumping any remaining fabric scraps from previous workshops on my studio floor, sorting through to throw out unusable pieces, ironing them, and sorting by color.  Aren’t these piles nice and pretty?  We’ve been watching “Homeland” and I was proud of my rainbow – just like Carrie’s rainbow of papers on her bulletin board.
Of course, if you look at the larger picture of my studio, you see that it was still a complete disaster with fabric scraps, bags and general mayhem.  If you’re wondering how I got in and out of the studio during this disaster, the answer is “very carefully.” Just imagine what it looked like when all the fabrics on the table were also on the floor!
CleanThankfully, I had a young student coming to my studio the next day, so the fabric piles got quickly sorted into bags with a few pieces of each color for upcoming classes.  The mess on the floor was swept up, and all the other workshop materials were sorted and stored.  Not bad, right?
Now I have 156 background squares for three of the workshops, 48 bags of nice neat fabric scraps, and a studio that’s cleaner than it’s been in a while.  Now I need to finish all the lesson plans!


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