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Jacob Becomes Israel

Jacob Becomes Israel

Wednesday, the last two classes of 4-year-olds at Kol Ami created a fiber art panel about Jacob wrestling with the angel and his name change.  As always, we started with sketches of the scene to make sure we knew what had to be included in the final piece.

Sketching Sketching

Next, it was time to assign each student one element in the scene and get going with fabrics. Fabric isn’t easy to cut, so sometimes we need a little help getting it started.

Help Cutting Cutting Fabric

The first class created the scene of Jacob wrestling with the angel.

Placing a Camel on the Piece Jacob Wrestling

In the second class, we talked about Jacob’s name change to Israel.  Since we’re all part of the people Israel, each student in the class made a self portrait to include in the piece.

Full Panel

Since some of the students used a blue fabric that matched the background, I stitched around those shapes in a contrasting thread to help them show up.  I stitched the rest of the elements down in clear thread to make sure it stays put when on display in the school. Then it was time to stitch the four panels together.  Below is the progress from one week to the next.

Outline Before

After Week 1 After Week 2

After Week 3 After Week 4


Now that the panels are sewn together, we’re almost done with the piece.  Next week, the students will take one last look at their creation and decide what’s missing.  They will add more elements and embellish as needed.  I’ll then sew their final pieces down, add a backing and hanging tabs, and then it will be ready to display!

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