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Midrash Tallitot

Midrash Tallitot

This morning, Temple Israel Center‘s sixth graders saw their Bnai Mitzvah Torah Portions for the first time.  Together with their parents, they studied their parsha, found a section that spoke to them, and designed and created tallitot based on the text.

The first step was to open the brand new chumashim that they will be using for their studies and read through their parshiot with their parents.  Guiding questions helped them to identify what is happening in the Torah portion, why it’s important, and what speaks to them.

Family StudyGroup Learning

After identifying one section, lesson, or concept from the text, they designed their tallitot and got to work!


workingCutting Fabrics

The last step, tying tzitzit, turned fabric art into a tallit.

tying tzitzit

A couple hours later, many of the students were done with their tallitot!  Others will continue continue at home or come back next month to finish up!

TallitFinished Tallit

Finished TallitFinished Tallit

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