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Making Angels With Preschoolers

Making Angels with Preschoolers

Angels on the Ladder

Last week, I started an exciting project with the Early Childhood Program at Congregation Kol Ami of White Plains.  Over the next four weeks, I will be working with the 3-5 year old students to create a wall hanging that will be displayed in the synagogue.  Following their “Torah Alive!” curriculum, we are focusing on the stories about Jacob.
In the first session with the 3-year-olds, we talked about Jacob’s ladder.  I prepared a ladder and a blank background, but the angels were missing!  Thankfully, the students were happy to help me out.  First, each student drew his/her idea of what an angel looked like (see above) and then made one out of fabric shapes with fusible webbing on the back.  Each student then placed her/his angel on the ladder background.  In the photo on the left, one group inspects their work.
The images below show the progress as each of the three classes came through to add their angels to the piece.

Empty LadderFirst Class2nd Class3rd Class

Next week, the first two classes of 4-year-olds will create the scene of Jacob meeting Rachel at the well.

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