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Beyond Words

Beyond Words

You may remember that back in October, I created a piece to honor Florence Chittenden Verdurmen.  You may also remember that I really struggled with that piece, not sure how to express just how incredible Florence is through one small art piece.  After that piece was complete, someone mentioned word clouds and I thought “of course!”
I had already collected words from Florence’s family, friends, and students asking them for words to describe Florence and their relationship with her.  Using these words and an image I had of her helping a student on beam, I created a word cloud in Photoshop. I then sent the resulting image off to and waited for them to send me the image printed on fabric.

It’s always an exciting day when I get a package from Spoonflower!  Once I had the fabric, I layered the piece with cotton batting and a solid backing fabric and created a beam with quilting lines.  I then quilted the rest of the piece with variegated thread in a free-motion zig zag pattern.  In order to frame the piece and add some playfulness and joy, I bound the piece using a bright striped fabric. While it’s impossible to show how much Florence has impacted the lives of everyone she meets, I hope that this piece captures a fraction of how much she means to so many.

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