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Tallit Bag Challenge

Tallit Bag Challenge

At a recent family gathering, my cousin commissioned a new bag for his tallit.  Other than its need to hold a tallit, however, he gave me no parameters for the bag; no colors to focus on or avoid, no ideas for a focus, really nothing to work from.  While this definitely gave me the space to be creative, the lack of any direction was hard.  Eventually, I decided to create a paper piece template with a Star of David in front of rays of light.

As usual with paper piecing projects, AutoCAD was my best friend.  I designed the piece in AutoCAD, created the templates, and printed them out.  Next, I chose the fabrics for the piece and started sewing!

Each ray was made up of one, two, or three templates.  Once each ray was assembled, I sewed them to each other.

It was then time to carefully remove all the paper, add a border, and turn it into a bag!

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