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Fabulous Student Work

Fabulous Student Work

Over the last few weeks, I have had the privilege of working with a couple wonderful groups.  The first was at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education in NYC where I taught a fiber art workshop for the Arts Fellows and other community members.  We looked at an excerpt from Sanhedrin 107b which the Arts Fellows had been studying together over the previous weeks.  The text, which talks about all of the groups who have no portion in the world to come, was the inspiration for the thoughtful pieces below.

The following week, I visited Kol Ami in White Plains where I worked with a fabulous group of 7th graders.  Together, we studied the prayers that are part of the bedtime Shema and then they each chose one section to focus on in their art piece.  Below are a few of the pieces they created.

Protective AngelsPeaceful Sleep

Love and PeaceAngels

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