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Design Struggles Continued

Design Struggles Continued

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m having some trouble with the design of a piece I’m working on and the deadline is coming fast!  As so many of you suggested, and as my husband Geoff Mitelman wrote about back in January, sometimes you need to give your brain a rest.
A forced break from the piece came in the form of the Jewish holidays and I was hoping that some brilliant idea would come while I was sitting in synagogue.  Well, an idea came and a design solidified, but for two different pieces – not this one!  I now have a pretty good idea of the design for my next piece and an idea for another one that doesn’t need to be done until January.  The piece that I have 5 more studio days to complete, however, remains amorphous.
So I’m going to move forward with a vague sense of purpose and hope things come together.  Today is fabric painting take 2 and Sunday afternoon the sewing will begin.  Ready or not, this piece will start to take some shape before the next holiday begins Sunday evening!

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