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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

It’s remarkable that I’m getting any actual work done with so much gymnastics on TV, but I’m making real progress on this Special Olympics piece.  Maybe the Olympic gymnastics is inspiring me to quilt about my Special Olympic gymnasts.

When I walked into the studio this morning, I knew right away that I had made a bad decision the other day by adding that last image in the center.  It was too bright and distracting.  So the first task of the day was to carefully remove that block from the middle of the piece and replace it with a solid grey square.


The resulting quilt top is much more cohesive and it allows your eye to move around without always landing on the same spot in the middle.


Next, it was time to layer the piece.  I want the pattern to fill the piece and visually flow to the edges, so I didn’t want a border or binding.  So the next choice was pillowcase or use a facing and I decided to go with the slightly easier method of pillowcasing.


Now I need to decide how to quilt it.  Should it be a simple grid that follows the blocks, concentric circles to emphasize the repetitive thoughts, or something else?

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